Fourth Graders at the School Exhibition "Technology in Passing"

In our school, an interactive exhibition "Technology in Passing" was held during the last week of May. Teachers Vladimir Stojanović, Dragan Josipović, Marko Simić, and Velibor Krivokapić made efforts to familiarize the students of classes IV/1 and IV/3 with the curriculum of the subject "Technology and Technology" through various contents as part of the transition plan. The exhibition consisted of a theoretical part, through which the teachers introduced the students to the history and development of technology, thereby drawing their attention to the practical part of the exhibition, where the students had the opportunity to see and try out various devices and toys created during the aforementioned subject lessons, as well as to understand how the inventions themselves work.

The students followed each "station" with particular attention, and some of the most interesting to them were the concentration game "Steady Hand," the 3D pen, and the robot. Besides these three exhibits, the exhibition also included a presentation on technology, simple tools, their origin and development, a mini electric keyboard made using a combination of micro byte and aluminum foil, solar panels for energy production, a gear model, various models they will make themselves by combining materials during Technology and Technology classes from the 5th to the 8th grade, the application of artificial intelligence with the help of Arduino and micro byte, as well as a 3D printer.