Parent lecturer in class III/1

As part of the Parent project, collaborator - lecturer, Leposava Tadić, mother of student Jovana Tomašević, held a lecture on April 17, 2024, in class III/1 on the topic "Guess the occupation". Leposava Tadić is the head nurse of the Cardiology Intensive Care Unit at the Urgent Center. With an interesting presentation and a game, the students first guessed what Leposava does, and then learned more about her profession. Through the workshop, students received useful information about the profession of a vocational nurse. Leposava spoke to the children about healthy eating, health preservation, first aid, training, its importance, and more. The students willingly participated in the discussion and answered questions.

They attentively followed the class, actively participating by asking questions and exchanging opinions. Maria Radulović, mother of student Maria Radulović, also attended the class. She assisted Leposava in demonstrating first aid. After their introduction, the students then practiced bandaging "wounds" in pairs.

The class was very successful, and the students were very satisfied and proud to have learned something new and useful.