Celebration of the School's 60th Anniversary

On Thursday, May 16, 2024, our school celebrated its 60th birthday. On this occasion, a formal ceremony was held at the "Vuk" theater. Over 70 students participated in the event, presenting the life and development of the school through dance, song, acting, and the indispensable poetry of Desanka Maksimović, all prepared with the help of their teachers.

In addition to the school staff, former employees and students, parents, and collaborators, the celebration was attended by official representatives from the Ministry of Education, the City Secretariat for Education and Child Protection, the Municipality of Zvezdara, as well as the principals of primary and secondary schools.

Towards the end of the program, the school principal, Katarina Stjepanović, awarded the most successful students of the school. Also featured were distinguished former students of "Desanka"—actresses Tijana Janković and Bojana Đurašković, who hosted the program, actor Svetislav Maksimović, who participated in this anniversary celebration as well as the one ten years ago, Biljana Kukolj, now a successful doctor, and Nemanja Radivojević, also a doctor and a parent whose child now attends "Desanka."

Judging by the audience's reactions, we can say that the performance was very emotional, evoking long-forgotten memories, stirring nostalgia, bringing smiles, and even a few tears. In the end, we all reminded ourselves of what is most important in life and concluded the performance by singing together in unison.

After the touching program, a cocktail reception was held in the theater foyer, where guests and hosts exchanged impressions and experiences and toasted to perseverance and longevity.