Thursday's Gathering with Kindergartners

On Friday, April 12, 2024, the class IV/1 hosted their younger peers - kindergartners, who were curious to see what a school class looks like. On this occasion, there was a spontaneous gathering with mutual conversation, questions, and some creative work. During the visit, our little friends had the opportunity to see what one of the future first graders' classrooms looks like, ask some questions to their older friends, feel the atmosphere in the class, showcase their creativity... They occupied the back benches to be less conspicuous, but still managed to attract attention and evoke smiles with their wit and sincerity. The students of IV/1 were good hosts and wholeheartedly shared advice with them on what is most important to learn upon entering the first grade: knowing how to tie shoelaces, standing up when an older person enters the classroom, addressing the teacher with "You", respecting their classmates from the class, and getting along nicely... For a moment, they were reminded of how they themselves looked when they started first grade and what difficulties they faced at the beginning.

After a short but sweet gathering, the kindergartners bid us farewell full of joy and enthusiasm. Now they can't wait for September 1st.