International Postal Day

In our school, October 9, 2023, was marked as International Postal Day. In addition to decorating panels on this theme, members of the Interior and Exterior Team, led by teacher Dostana Pavlović, in collaboration with teachers from the day-care program, organized an activity on the topic 'Letter to a Friend.' Students and staff wrote friendly messages and placed them in a mailbox placed in the school's lobby, which were then sorted by 'addresses' (classrooms) and distributed by mail carriers. The mail carriers were students Tara Đinđić and Luka Đorđević from class 7/3. They delivered mail in both the morning and afternoon shifts.

This action was significantly contributed to by the father of student Lana Stanojković (2/3), Ljubiša Stanojković, who is employed at the Serbian Post. He provided a postal uniform, a mailbox for letter collection, and other materials for decorating the panels. Additionally, he used an official vehicle to transport the 'mail carriers' to the school yard at the end.

Students and staff praised this activity, and many were delighted when they received unexpected deliveries. We brightened each other's day, and also reminisced about a somewhat forgotten way of written communication, which was precisely our goal.