Municipal Chemistry Competition

This school year, on March 17th, our school hosted the Municipal Chemistry Competition. We welcomed 110 student competitors from 12 elementary schools from the municipality of Zvezdara, along with 12 teacher mentors who accompanied their students and acted as test proctors.

The successful organization of the competition was contributed to by the chemistry teacher Dušanka Jočić, and the mathematics teachers Tamara Živković and Nataša Milošević. The achieved results of our student competitors confirm that the competition was indeed successful: Lenka Novaković (7/3) won first place, Stefan Zdjelarević (7/3) secured second place, while Jovan Ranđelović (8/2) earned third place.

All three of these young chemists from "Desanka's" have further qualified for the City Competition.

Име и презиме Одељење Пласман
Ленка Новаковић VII/3 1. место
Стефан Здјеларевић VII/3 2. место
Јован Рађеновић VIII/2 3. место

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