Observance of "Pink Shirt Day"

International Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, known as "Pink Shirt Day," is observed on the last Wednesday of February. It is commemorated in elementary and high schools, as well as in preschool institutions. The purpose of marking this day is to promote tolerance, empathy, respect for diversity, foster cooperation, and empower non-violent conflict resolution. On this occasion, a series of activities were organized in our school, aimed at recognizing bullying and what steps to take, both at school and in the family. Representatives from all older classes from fifth to eighth grade (members of the Peer Team) in their classrooms, during class community hours, discussed peer violence. Each class wrote messages on their "pink shirts." These "pink shirts" with messages from each older class were then displayed in the school hallway.

In the younger grades, members of the Peer Team gave presentations against peer violence. Sixth-grade students A.S. and F.M. held presentations in the younger grades during the morning session, while seventh-grade students T.Đ. and M.M. held presentations in the afternoon session.